It is a Java based stand alone application helps in making one examination and evaluation process more easier.Technology used Java, mysql

  Online Examination itself represents the examination through the internet.This project will help the university/ Institution to evaluate the question have multiple option with one correct answer. This project contains two types of question viz. subjective and objective. Students have to write the descriptive answer for the subjective question will be randomly generated. It would be evaluated automatically i.e. by the system.


o   To provide an interface through which student can appear for examination online for objective as well as subjective type questions.

o   To provide registration for students done by themselves.

o   To not provide facility of copy and paste while attempting the Subjective questions on the web page.

o   When the student  starts the exam the timer will start automatically and show the student how much time is left.

o   The questions will be display randomly from question bank.

o   Objective answers will be checked automatically by the system from the database

o   For subjective answer manually checking by exam department will take place.

o   To provided user name and password  facility and  credentials should be checked properly at the time of login for student, expert, controller and Exam Dept Admin.

o   To provide an interface from where controller will create new Expert and Admin for Exam Dept.

o   The authority to modify the criteria is provided to the controller of examination.

o   To facilitate Experts to send a collection of questions in Question Bank.

o   The Exam Department will manage the question bank sent by experts.



      It will manage database and can access the answer of  each student.

      It will conduct the exexamination.


      It sets both question papers and answers.It also registers  the student.


     Student will log in and give the examination    




This application includes three users Student, Institution, Teacher. They all are meant to do their specific task like giving the papers and getting the result teacher can set the papers and see the students results and their performance. On the other hand the Institution can supervise this process. One future enhancement can be made by showing the statistical representation of each student and for each paper. Comparison can be made on two different statistical graph. For more information see my github repository


    Online examination system is a desktop based application .The key concept is to minimize the amount of paper and convert all forms of documentaries to digital form. It can be observed that the information required can be obtained with ease and accuracy in computerized systems. The users with minimum knowledge about computer can be able to operate the system easily. The system also produces brief results required by management.