Status report for first month which includes several features


Month 1

Status report for Improve LibreCores in terms of discoverability

Plan for month 1

During my first month, I had planned to complete four main objectives. I interacted with my mentor and decided to modify the workflow a little. Finally, I ended up with the implementation of three features.

  • Database entity and defining classification hierarchy

  • Specify classification for projects

  • Delete specified classification

What did I do during my first month?

During my first and second week, I was working on the First feature. This feature includes the relationship with other entities, making migration files, indexing the entity attributes, Specifying the classification hierarchy that my mentor Phillip have been described in issue #235. During my 3rd week, I was working on inserting classification for a project. Which includes making the UI and modifying the backend structure validating the classification that has been specified for a project. The UI is a user interactive UI. A user doesn't need to know all the classifications before specifying them. The base(root) category are shown at first and the child categories as shown once you have selected one parent category. The User needs to update the project for adding these categories. The same thing is happening with the delete classification feature. A classification won't be deleted until the user updates that project classification. While inserting or specifying classifications for a project all the classification will be validated from the backend and an unknown structure will not be inserted.


Pointing Issues

#233, #231, #230,  #232, #235

Pull Requests

There were two pull requests that include these above features.

  • #234 (Make entities and specify classification structure)

  • #236 (Insert and delete project classifications)

Plan for next month

I have created issues regarding my next month plans in #242