Google Summer of Code month 2

Google Summer of Code


GSoC month 2

Hi guys Google Summer of Code is a platform where young coders are getting a chance to contribute to big organizations. This year I got the opportunity to work for FOSSi Organization. I have worked in some great features during my 2nd month of GSoC. The features will ease the process of searching and giving a better User Interface.


  • Indexing data through algolia

  • Algolia Autocomplete search

  • Algolia instant search feature

  • Searching through classification

I have planned to complete the search engine feature during my 2nd month of Google Summer Of Code. I started my work from Indexing the data in algolia and ended up with searching through classifications. I have raised two PRs which includes the features that I have planned to complete during my second month of Google Summer of Code.

Pull Requests: #244, #246

Issues: #231, #242, #245, #247


Autocomplete feature is a basic feature that will give you suggestion while you are trying to search through projects, users or any organizations. After discussing with my mentor we have decided to keep it in our home page where anyone can search through a set of categories.

Similarly the search result page includes searching over Projects Individual users, categories or organizations. It was working on algolia instantsearch platform which includes paginations and searching through the categories individually.



Instant search:

Plans for Next Month:

I have planned to add some extra feature like dashboard, documentation for easy access and setup this project.