Improve in terms of discoverability

GSoC Project Report: Improve in Terms of Discoverability lists free and open source “IP Cores” on the website for the community to view and use. All listed projects are backed by a git repository. Currently, website extracts the project README and LICENSE and render them on the project page, along with links to the project homepage and git repository.

A user browsing for cores on LibreCores will be the interested search for a specific category of projects to determine which projects will come under which classification. A user may want to search for a project through a list of projects. The indexing of all the IP Cores and Improving the search experience in LibreCores in terms of discoverability. The IP Cores details will be classified and indexed for making search experience better and more efficient.

In this project, I am working on defining a classification hierarchy, classifying the projects into categories, and making a search engine for improving the searching standards and making the searching experience more user interactive.

I have worked on my GSoC project from May to August 2018. My work was divided into four phases:

  1. Defining a classification hierarchy.

  2. Specifying and Deleting classifications for projects.

  3. Indexing Projects, Organizations and Users data into algolia

  4. Basic search features(Autocomplete and InstantSearch)

The original proposal for the projects is available here.

The entire tracking map for my project can be found here.

The list of all issues and PRs (tagged GSoC 2018) for my project can be found here.

The corresponding project on GSoC 2018 Website can be found here.

Defining a Classification Hierarchy

During my community bonding period, I was working on the database structures for Classification hierarchy and Project classifications. The first objective was to decide how to structure the classification hierarchy. My mentors - Phillip and I decided to have a Faceted Classification that the owner of the project can specify to them to their projects. The during our community bonding period Phillip and I were working on the structure of the classification hierarchy and on the Classification Hierarchy entity structure to store these categories and the Project classification entity to store the classifications specified for the projects.

During my first month of Google Summer of code Phillip had created one issue specifying the classification hierarchy (#235) I was working on the database Entity structure of Classification hierarchy which can be found here and Project classification which can be found here.

In this phase I made the following PR:

  • #234 - Create database entities and update the database

Specifying and Deleting Classification for a Project

During my second phase of first evaluation I was working on adding and deleting project classifications for a project. This part includes UI as well as backend work.

First of all I have created the respective issues to work on. The backend work includes validation of the classification and inserting the data. I implemented the User Interface in project settings page and now users can specify and delete classifications from their project settings page. For specifying the classifications I have purposed to do it through the `select` element of the HTML. The next child categories are being displayed at that time when you select a parent category. For security reasons my mentor and I decided to keep two stage validation. First stage is from the UI(select element) and the second stage is in the backend itself. An incorrect classification cannot be added to a project.

New classifications can be added when the user updates the project and the same thing is being implemented for delete process.

In this phase I have made the following PR:

  • #236 - Insert and Delete Project Classifications

  • #273 (Bug Fix) - Resolve Classification validation Bug

User Interfaces

Indexing Projects, Organizations and Users data into algolia

I have planned to work on indexing data into algolia and implement the basic search feature during my second month of Google Summer Of  Code. Phillip and I decided to install algolia-search-bundle as our project is based on Symfony framework. My Initial work was divided into two phases

  1. Indexing data into algolia

  2. Implement basic search engine features

After gone through the previous search functionality of LibreCores I decided to index Project, Organizations and Users data through custom normalizer of search bundle into algolia. After discussing with Phillip I had listed all the fields that I need to index into algolia and wrote the normalizers here(Serializer/Normalizer).

I made the required configuration change in the config.yml file.

In this phase I have made the Following PR:

  • #244  - Algolia integration and Indexing Entities

  • #262(BugFix) - Index project classification data when the project is not being updated.

Basic search features(Autocomplete and InstantSearch)

For this phase, I have divided my work  into three stages

  1. Algolia Autocomplete

  2. Algolia Instant search

  3. Searching through the classifications

Algolia Autocomplete.js

In this phase, I was working on algolia Autocomplete feature. I implemented this feature in the home page where a user can search through different sections. In this feature, I added autocomplete.js. The current state of the project has autocompleted over user, projects, and organizations. The suggestion is shown in a drop-down field. The projects suggestions are shown first then the organizations and then the user suggestions. For now, I had made the configuration to show maximum five suggestions for each section.

You can find the configuration for it here.

User Interface:


The second part of the search feature is to implement instant search in search result page. I faced some problems while implementing instantsearch for three different indices and to specify the respective templates for each indices. To overcome this situation I make a config, which will select the particular indices that the user has selected. As each indices have different data to deal with It took me some time to filter all the data and to render it accordingly.

I have made some function in javascript to manipulate the project indices data here.  I have created different templates for all three indices here. As per the currently selected indices the respective templates will be going to selected by javascript and algolia will.

You can find the backend codes here

Searching through classifications

The second objective is to implement searching through classifications. I implemented two things for this feature. First, the classifications can be searched by the search box and the second one is by the Alogolia hierarchicalMenu. Algolia hierarchical menu provides the multi level search of a hierarchical tree. As this feature satisfies our requirement that's why I decided to keep this feature of instant search. But the problem is algolia’s Backend does not support multi search functionality for the classifications. At a single time, we can search only one hierarchical tree.

To make Algolia’s hierarchicalMenu I pushed the data in a specific format i.e I specified each level data and indexed those data in algolia.

You can find the code here. The frontend javascript configuration here.

User Interface:

In this phase, I have made the following PRs

  • #246 - Algolia instant search and Autocomplete feature.

  • #257(Bug fix) - Resolve Search for classification bug

  • #256 (Bug fix) - Remove space after user or org in search result

  • #270 (Bug fix) - Remove space between search box and search suggestion

  • #275 (Bug fix) -  Remove comma separation in classification

Additional Contributions

Apart from the main deliverables above, I also contributed a few other patches.

  1. PR #208 - Add a emailer and send confirmation email

  2. PR #213 - Make list of GitHub repos searchable in project import

  3. PR #216 - Styling and content of page after email is verified


What tasks were accomplished




Make database schema for project classification and classification hierarchy



Add project classifications



Delete project classification



Validate project classification



Configure Algolia in project



Index data into algolia



Implement Autocomplete feature



Implement Instant search feature



Search through classification



Implement Dashboard in the project



Future work

Although this was my task for GSoC, there is still much scope for future work. In Algolia and project classifications can be improved and can be categorized into many sections. The custom ranking formula can be improvised. We can integrate algoilia’s various functionality by which the search experience will be much better.

What did I learn for Google Summer of Code

  1. Valuable experience in designing database schemas - denormalizing schemas for performance reasons.

  2. Search Engine functionality such as Algolia

  3. Symfony working structure and framework

  4. Observed a lot of patterns, styles, conventions, and best practices of development in the real (open-source) world.

  5. Learned a lot about the importance of linters, CI and code styles while working on a project with many contributors.