Google Summer Of Code gave me a chance to contribute to FOSSi Foundation this summer, The first week for coding was full of research about doctrine and lots of cool stuff

Google Summer of Code with FOSSi

My project “Improve In terms of discoverability” has been selected by FOSSi Organization. My project aims to integrate classification system and search engine functionality on the site. Before explaining more about my project I let take a tour of FOSSi.

What is FOSSi?

FOSSi stands for Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation. Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSi) are components and systems that are inside silicon devices (‘chips’). FOSSi belief to make building blocks that form such digital devices for free and open.q.


System on chip or common chips of embedded systems composed of basic building blocks known as IP(Intellectual Property)cores. LibreCore is an IP core that is created and distributed in the open source spirit. And is like a good neighborhood pub, a place to meet the community and —most importantly— find such cores. is built on Symfony platform and as I have an active experience in web development with PHP that is why I wanted to work on the project. For the first month, I have contributed to the repository by solving some of the issues. Philipp and Amitosh reviewed my Pull requests, and I had got two awesome mentors there. Then I worked on the project proposal. There were lots of issues but Implementation of the classification system and search engine fascinates me a lot. And I got selected.

I had gone through the complete source code and the documentation of the project in the community bonding period. During this period I discussed our weekly meeting and the implementation of the classification system with the community and I had interacted with the community members. I have created the relative issues in the repository. The community bonding period went well for me and I had a good time with the community.

It's been more than one week since the coding period starts I am working on the implementation part of the classification system. As per planned during this first week, I  was working on the database extension for the classification system. At first, I had faced some problem with Symfony doctrine bundle but in the later part I everything runs smoothly.  Working 4-5 hours per day with the curiosity to know the project, spending time on research on the classification system, acquiring more knowledge of Symfony and community more making my every day more effective. I hope I can contribute a valuable feature to the project and I am happy to be in FOSSi family.

Happy Coding