I am going to work on Project Classification during my first month of GSoC. Project classification helped the user to classify his project into categories.

Classification System:

LibreCores.org lists free and open source “IP Cores” on the website for the community to view and use. All listed projects are backed by a git repository. The classification system is meant to classify each IP Cores into categories. Having categoric structure helps the end user to know the projects more and to search through the list of project to his/her desired project. I am going to implement a faceted classification for the projects where the projects are being classified by the owner with the available classifications. To implement such complicated system is going to take several steps. Such as:- 

  1. Database Extension:- Extending the database will help to store the data of project classifications and classification hierarchy. Classification hierarchy will have the basic structure by which the projects are going to be classified. We have a set of predefined classification structure in #235 issue. During my first week of GSoC, I was working on this feature and I have raised a Pull Request. This pull request includes adding migrations, creating new entities and association mapping. 
  2. Insertion Of Classifications:- This includes assigning categories to the IP Cores. A Project can have more than one categories and the project owner can specify those categories. This week I am working on this feature and will update on my blog after raising a pull request.
  3. Update/Delete Classifications:- A owner can update and delete the classification from the projects. This feature and the next one I will finish later this month. 
  4. Representation of Classification:- Each project can be represented by its classification in the browse project section. This was an enhancement and the implementation will be done later in my coding period
  5. Searching for projects:- It is an important feature of the classification system. The IP Cores can be searched through its classifications. As per my plan, I will work on this during my second month of coding. The searching feature can be integrated through Algolia.

Last week of coding went well for me. Although I faced some problem with the doctrine bundle, I like challenges and I love to solve problems. Overall I have enjoyed my first week. 


Sandip Happy Coding