Project report for GSoC Week 2 and Week 3

GSoC: Week 2 and Week 3

Status report for Improve LibreCores in terms of discoverability

What did I do during these weeks?

Week 2 :


During my 2nd week of GSoC, I was working on Specifying classifications for a project. This feature aims to insert classifications for a project. Each classification may contain a set of categories dependent on each other and the parent and child categories are separated by a ‘:: ‘ . A user can specify as many numbers of categories for his project.

Pointing Issues

#233, #231, #230   

Task Completed

I have submitted a pull request #236 for the implementation of this feature it contains

> UI For insert classification

> Insert classification in the

Week 3 :

Last week I have worked on three features including

> deletion of project classification

> Updation of a project classification

> Representation of project classification

The above three are the basic feature of my project which helps a user to manage the content of a project. A user can modify a specific classification and at the same time he can delete it.

Pointing Issues

#238, #233, #231, #230

Pull Requests :

> Delete classification (#239)

> Update project classification (#240)

What’s Next

This week I will be working on resolving the issues related to the above pull requests.

Happy Coding